#1. What is your turn around time?

As much as I want to get your wedding film edited and back to you, I have to take my time. I do my absolute best to get it to you within 2 months. But I'll always remain in contact with you to give you updates. I don't want to rush or feel like it needs to be done ASAP, because honestly, it takes hours upon hours to perfect.

#2. What about travel fees?

I love traveling for weddings! Whether it's around MN or even out of country - let's do it. I travel up to an hour and a half for no extra charge. It's a little tricky right now because we are planning a move to northern Minnesota (McGregor) next spring, so 2021 weddings may have a different range. 

After the first hour and a half (90 miles) - I charge $.75/mile. I do require that a hotel room is booked if your wedding is 2+ hours away. I've had long days of filming & making the drive home afterwards isn't too great. I can work out details for a hotel if needed ~ and as far as flights go, this can be discussed upon booking & the flight cost will just be added to your package!

#3. What camera/ set-up do you use?

The gear I carry with me on a wedding day includes: audio recording mic (a portable Tascam clip-on and DJ mixer plug ins), DJI Mavic Pro drone, two Sony a7iii mirrorless cameras with a variety of lenses (70-200mm, 35mm, 50mm, & 28-70mm), stabilizer (DJI Ronin), and both a tripod & monopod. 

#4. Can I pick my own music?

I get this question with almost all brides... I know that songs are an important driving force in each film. And I spend a lot of time finding music for each individual project. I'll end up changing music a few times before I feel it's the right fit - it's a careful process & can completely set the mood in a film. In order to protect myself & you - I'm subscribed to a licensed music website which has a large variety of licensed artists available. In conclusion, I choose all the songs for each film!

#5. Do you have a second shooter/ assistant?

As of right now, it's just me. I have 2 cameras rolling during the ceremony and speeches - typically one on the tripod and one on me - so I am able to move if I need to capture something out of tripod view. I do sometimes bring an assistant with me to help carry/ set-up, but that is no extra charge. (and optional) It really all depends on the wedding location and the package option you chose. This can be discussed and decided if we figure we'll need one.

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#6. What format will my video be in?

Your finished wedding film will be in MP4 format. I'll send you a USB copy & a Vimeo link of it. And of course - an Instagram sneak peek!

#7. What are your package options?

I have a collection of wedding packages. If you're inquiring about a wedding film, we can talk about your vision & chose the right package for you!

#8. What does your pricing look like?

My base package for local weddings starts at $3,400. 

#9. How can I book my wedding date?

-First off, I would love to get to know you! I am always open to talking on the phone or emailing to go over any questions you may have. I want to invest my time and attention in your wedding, and better understand what it is exactly you want.

-Secondly, I'd recommend booking (not only me, but all your desired vendors) as soon as possible. If you want me there to create your film, I want to be there. I'm only taking on a set number of weddings each year to ensure my full attention to each couple. 

-Last step, I require a signed contract from you & your fiancé & a 30% deposit to hold your date!


~ Hope this helps answer some of your questions!! ~

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